Sample Medical Student Performance Evaluation


To Whom It May Concern:

____________ is a fourth-year medical student at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio.

__________ has been involved in numerous clubs, organizations, and activities during medical school including the American Medical Association, the American Medical Student Association, Medical Student Council (representative), the WSUSOM Faculty Curriculum Committee (co-chair, Academic Subcommittee), Reach Out Montgomery County (board member), the WSUSOM Student-to-Student Program (co-chair first aid lecture), Yearbook Committee, Global Health Initiative (board member), Class of 2005 Orientation Committee (co-chair), Class of 2004 Spanish instructor, Club Med, Internal Medicine Club, Medising Chorale, and intramural sports.

________ is expected to graduate from medical school in May of 2014. Her initial date of matriculation in medical school was August 2010.

During her first two years of medical school, which are composed primarily of courses in the basic sciences, _________ achieved a course average of 86.52 and received a passing score of 233 on Step 1 of the USMLE. Students are required to pass Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE.

Throughout her third (clerkship) year, ________ maintained her academic performance over the first two years and after the third year, had a cumulative course average of 88.15, placing her 26th in a class of 97. Comments received from her evaluators, listed in chronological order, are as follows:

SURGERY - Knowledge: ____________ had a good fund of knowledge and was able to apply it appropriately to patient management. She had a very solid foundation and asked good probing questions. Her excellent database was applied to patients, problem‑solving. Skills: _________ histories and physicals were well done. She was able to formulate realistic diagnoses. She was confident in her presentations. A quick learner, _____ appeared to be comfortable with patients. Her student presentation on "XXXXXXXXXXX" was well researched and presented, and accompanied by one of the best handouts I have seen within the past three years. Attitudes: _________ was always punctual and professional in her dress and demeanor. She was thought to be a dependable and trustworthy student who pursued her assignments with enthusiasm. The consensus of her evaluators was that she consistently met, and often exceeded, reasonable expectations in her performance.

WOMEN'S HEALTH - Knowledge: _________ had an excellent fund of knowledge. She was able to use that knowledge to apply to clinical situations in a clear and effective manner. Skills: __________ H&P's were complete and accurate. She was able to interpret lab data and to apply that to effective patient care. She followed up on all results. ________ was noted for her ability to evaluate patients in labor and for her interpretation of non stress tests. She was also noted for giving an excellent, well researched, clear, and concise presentation on fibroids. Attitudes: __________ was extremely eager to learn. She was able to express herself well and demonstrated great enthusiasm for learning all areas of obstetrics and gynecology. She was a hard worker, reliable, and interested. Was noted to be very helpful in clinic. Found by many to be the most motivated student in this rotation.

PEDIATRICS - Knowledge: Far exceeds expected level. At level of some interns already. Great life long learning skills, worked hard to improve superior knowledge base. Well read, excellent fund of knowledge. Self-directed. ________had superior knowledge of basic physiology. A good understanding of diagnosis with broad differential diagnoses. Skills: Very detailed concise write‑ups. Excellent presentations. Frequently did extra research for background on patient problems. Again, vastly beyond peers. Applies knowledge well. Documentation was succinct and done on timely basis. Able to obtain sensitive information much better than senior students. Very skilled at interpersonal relations with families, improved during rotation with pediatric exam skills. Attitudes: Superb! She helped interpret for Hispanic family, reassuring patient and mother. A hard worker, enthusiastic, professional. Has leadership skills, very interested, will be an excellent housestaff. I have known her for three years; she continues to grow. Hope she goes into primary care. Very professional in attire and attitude. Showed great respect for families, peers, and attending. She did attempt to control peer (student) activities.

MEDICINE - Knowledge: ________ fund of knowledge was well above average for her level of training. Very resourceful. Excellent physical examination and history taking skills. Excellent background and knowledge of physiology and pharmacology. In many instances, _________ knowledge of medication efficiency and choosing the proper medications turned around patients' compliance in a positive way. Skills: Top notch H&P's. Very concise presentations for a year med student. Superb research skill above all. During the rounds, any questions and uncertainties that arose before the teaching resident had a chance to look the topic up, __________ would find several relevant features to clarify the question. Attitudes: __ ________was a sincere pleasure to work with. She was extremely enthusiastic and often looked up various clinical questions quite efficiently. Always interested in each patient, not just her own. Pleasant person to work with. Very dependable. She will be a caring healthcare provider. The month as her mentor was one of the most fulfilling times in my professional career.

FAMILY MEDICINE - Excellent, solid, well‑rounded student. Has an excellent future whatever field of medicine she should choose. We enjoyed her very much as did our patients. Has excellent rapport with staff, physicians, and patients. Solid academically as well. One of our better students! We wish her the best!

PSYCHIATRY - Knowledge: Excellent fund of knowledge. One of the better students in her class. Good capacity to organize and synthesize data. Skills: H&P's were quite thorough and complete. Attitudes: Motivated, self-starter. Enthusiastic as a patient advocate.

According to her advisor, "A multi-talented young woman, __________ has demonstrated success in business, research, and organizations. Her capacity to juggle the demands of rigorous academics with the drive to contribute outside of formal education bodes well for a multi-dimensional career. Having a dynamic, successful mother as a role model, ________ strives to experience the opportunities life offers while contributing to the community. She has already demonstrated the leadership qualities one values in a resident."

In summary, I am pleased to highly recommend ___________ to you as an outstanding student for your residency program.


Marjorie Bowman, M.D., M.P.A.