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Dean X. Parmelee, M.D., Associate Dean

Faculty Curriculum Committee (FCC) and Subcommittee Links

FCC Meeting Information

2015 Meetings: January 28, 2015; February 25, 2015; March 25, 2015; April 22, 2015; May 27, 2015; June 24, 2015; July 22, 2015; August 26, 2015; September 23, 2015; Annual Retreat October 28, 2015; November 25, 2015.

When: Fourth Wednesday of the month, 4:00 p.m.

Where: 260 White Hall, Academic Affairs Conference Room, unless otherwise notified.

What: The Faculty Curriculum Committee shall have jurisdiction on all matters directly pertinent to the curriculum of the School of Medicine including, but not limited to, program objectives, process, implementation integration, coordination and evaluation.

Who:The Faculty Curriculum Committee shall be composed of:

  • The Dean of Medicine, or alternate, and three designees
  • Three department chairs elected by the Executive Committee, one of which should be chair of a basic science department
  • Three members elected by the faculty, one of which should be from a basic science department
  • Four medical students with one elected from each class
  • Other members may be appointed by the associate dean for academic affairs as necessary to fulfill the mission of committee.
  1. The Dean of Medicine shall designate one member of the Faculty Curriculum Committee to become the chair of the committee.
  2. Elective positions to the Faculty Curriculum Committee shall have a term of three years, except that the student representatives shall have one-year terms. One-third of the elective faculty positions shall be filled annually.
  3. Appointed positions shall have a term of one year.
  4. Ad hoc correlative or special interest subcommittees shall be created by the Faculty Curriculum Committee as the need arises. The recommendations of these ad hoc subcommittees shall be directed to the Faculty Curriculum Committee for review and action.
  5. Proposals for major changes in curriculum policy and design as defined by the Faculty Curriculum Committee must be ratified by a majority of faculty members present at a faculty meeting.

Source: Bylaws of the Faculty of Medicine, Article V, Section 6.

FCC Members

Meeting Coordinator
Lynn Compton
Academic Affairs

FCC Listserv Please use the FCC Listserv to communicate with ALL FCC members:

Member Category Term Ends June 30
Bruce Binder, M.D. -- Chair Dean's Designee
Colleen Hayden Academic Affairs without vote** ---
Karen Kirkham, M.D. Faculty-at-Large 2014
Paul Koles, M.D. Executive Committee 2016
Gary LeRoy, M.D. Student Affairs ** ---
John Needles MedIT - Academic Affairs without vote**
Ruth Paterson LCME Consultant (Academic and Student Affairs) ---
Dean Parmelee, M.D. Dean's Alternate ---
Stacey Poznanski, D.O. Chair, Biennium II 2017
Melissa Roelle, M.D. Faculty-at-Large 2015
Robert Smith, M.D. Dean's Designee 2014
Glen Solomon, M.D. Executive Committee 2016
Courtney Sulentic, Ph.D. Faculty-at-Large 2016
Mary Jo Trout, Pharm.D. Chair, Biennium I 2016
Bette Sydelko, M.S.L.S. WSU Libraries ** ---
Therese Zink, M.D. Executive Committee 2017
Matthew Brown
Hershel Dobkin
Andrew Steffensmeir
Student Representatives
Biennium 1, 1st year (*)
Ronak Dilip Ghiya
Anthony Robert Oddo
Student Representatives
Biennium 1, 2nd year (*)
Jen Hurtubise
Blake Szelestey
Student Representatives
Biennium II, 3rd year (*)
Brent Aebi
Chloe Sidley
Jeff Zabinski
Student Representatives
Biennium II, 4th year (*)
Nicholaus Christian Student Representative
Dual Degree Students (*)

(*) Student Voting Policies

  1. At the beginning of each FCC meeting, the voting member from each class will be identified to the chair.

  2. *Each class receives a maximum of one vote per class. Dual Degree Reps receive one vote.

  3. If there are no representatives present from a particular class, there is no vote for that class (i.e. if there are three 2nd years and no 1st years, one of the 2nd years cannot vote for the absent 1st years.)
    (**) Not a voting member

2014 FCC Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and Handouts

January  2014   Minutes  |  AgendaLCME Standards
Most Common Non-Compliance PPT

May  2014   Minutes  | Agenda

September  2014  Minutes  | Agenda | B1 LE Survey | M3 LE Survey

February  2014   Minutes  |  Agenda

June  2014   Cancelled

October   2014  Minutes  | Agenda

March  2014   Minutes  |  Agenda

July  2014   Minutes  | Agenda

November  2014  Minutes  | Agenda

April 2014  Minutes  |  Agenda

August 2014    Minutes  | Agenda

December  2014  Minutes  | Agenda


Biennium One Subcommittee (B1)


The B1 Subcommittee meets on the third Monday of the month at noon to discuss educational issues related to years one and two, and is chaired by Dr. Mary Jo Trout.  The B1 website is accessible to B1 members only and is password protected.

Please contact Lynn Compton, 775-2161 if you are a member but have forgotten the username and password.

Biennium One Electives Subcommittee (B1 Electives)

The B1 Electives Subcommittee meets quarterly and is chaired by Dr. Katherine Cauley.

2013 -- 01.30.13; 02.27.13; 03.27.13; 04.16.13; 06.18.13;
2012 -- 01.25.12; 04.18.12; 05.23.12; 08.22.12
2011 -- 01.27.11 & 02.08.11;  03.23.11;  04.27.11;  06.22.11;  09.28.11


Biennium Two Subcommittee (B2) 

The B2 Subcommittee meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 A.M. to discuss educational issues related to years three and four and is chaired by Dr. Stacey Poznanski.

The B2 website is accessible to B2 members only and is password protected.

Please contact Lynn Compton, 775-2161 if you are a member but have forgotten the username and password.


Assessment & Evaluation Subcommittee -- Ad Hoc

Nicole Borges, Ph.D., Chair

Academic Representatives from Classes

Class of 2018 - Matthew Brown, Hershel Dobkin, Andrew Steffensmeir

Class of 2017 - Ronak Dilip Ghiya, Anthony Robert Oddo

Class of 2016 - Jen Hurtubise, Blake Szelestey,

Class of 2015 - Brent Aebi, Chloe Sidley, Jeff Zabinski

Dual Degree Student Rep - Nicholas Christian