Spring/Summer 2009

The school's magazine, Vital Signs, is published for and distributed to alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Boonshoft School of Medicine.

Issues and Insights:
The Dean's Perspective

Dean Howard Part, M.D.Collaboration and community

Of all the aspects of academic medicine that make my job so rewarding, the opportunity to work with so many dedicated professionals who excel in their diverse fields has to be one of the most gratifying.

Some of our faculty are caring practitioners who devote their days to making life better for patients and their families. Some are outstanding educators who possess a gift for helping students master the science of medicine and the art of healing. Still others are brilliant scientists whose work expands and refines our understanding of human life in all of its infinite complexity.

And, as you will discover in this issue's centerpiece feature on translational research, many of our faculty fulfill all three of these roles at once.

Also in these pages, we will introduce you to many other exceptional faculty, students, and alumni who are making a difference in the world and making their mark in the field of medicine. Like me, I hope you will find their stories interesting, informative, and even inspiring. From students breaking new ground over the radio waves to an alumnus leaving the ground far behind for a historic voyage into space, the individuals featured here are all exemplary in their own ways.

These stories highlight the importance of both personal initiative and productive collaboration. We are strongly committed to fostering both within the medical school, and I am thrilled to bring you such compelling evidence that our efforts are yielding results. Enjoy!

Howard M. Part, M.D.

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