Physician Leadership Development Program

Sabrina Neeley, Ph.D., M.P.H., Director


Jasmin Scott

Ashleigh Welko


PLDP students Jasmin Scott and Ashleigh Welko have been awarded grants from the American Psychiatric Foundation for Project Parenthood, a program they designed to provide parenting skills to young adult parents at Daybreak, an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth.

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Our country needs more highly educated and motivated physician-leaders to address challenges in a variety of settings, from developing public health policies and managing massive hospital networks, to addressing global health concerns and shaping academic medicine. Tomorrow's leaders are likely to need more than one advanced degree to make a major impact in such an environment. The Physician Leadership Development Program provides a dual-degree program for those students who want to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP) offers medical students an innovative program through which they can obtain a master’s degree (M.B.A. or M.P.H.) while pursuing their medical degree over five years. The PLDP program provides a unique opportunity to integrate medical and graduate studies through a longitudinal clinical experience that all students take during their graduate term. Additionally, PLDP students attend leadership-themed electives and special programs that build leadership skills and introduce them to experts in the field. All PLDP students participate in the PLDP Council.

PLDP Vision

As students in the Physician Leadership Development Program pursuing integrated degrees in Medicine, Public Health, and Business Administration, we envision an educational community of global citizens devoted to leadership development, community building, advocacy, and innovation.

PLDP Mission

To develop advocates for leadership in medicine, health systems, and population health through education, communication, collaboration, and experience.

Graduate Assistantship

M.D./M.P.H. students have the opportunity to apply for a Physician Leadership Development Program graduate assistantship position. By serving in this position, the graduate assistant supports the Physician Leadership Development Program in many capacities, including recruitment, promotion/marketing/communication, organizational and social event planning, alumni relations and administrative support. Students may apply for the position prior to the start of their graduate year by contacting Sabrina Neeley, Ph.D., M.P.H., or Carla Lachecki in the PLDP office at the address at the bottom of this page. The position requires a commitment of 20 hours per week. Please inquire further for financial reimbursement information. General information about graduate assistantships at Wright State is available here.


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