Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program

Michael Herbenick, M.D., Director

2013 graduates
2013 graduates (L-R): Indresh Venkatarayappa, M.D., Mark Stouffer, M.D., Chris Lyons, M.D., and Mike Coffey, M.D.

2013-14 Residents

Research Residents
Chad Williams, M.D.
Chad Williams, M.D.

Undergraduate: Idaho State University
Medical School: Creighton University 
Orthopaedic Interests: Hand, joints, sports
Other Interests: Triathlons, woodworking

Roman Trimba, M.D.
Roman Trimba, M.D.

Undergraduate: Brooklyn College
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Orthopaedic Interests: Spine, stem cell derivation, characterization, and manipulation of the preadipocyte
Other Interests: Billiards, grilling, international relations, history, traveling

R-5 Residents
Jennifer Jerele
Jennifer Jerele, M.D.

Undergraduate: North Park University
Medical school: Loma Linda University
Orthopaedic Interests: Trauma
Other Interest: Hanging out with the family, soccer and running

Chris Gayton
Chris Gayton, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Orthopaedic Interests: General orthopaedics and upper extremity 
Other Interests: Georgia Bulldogs football, competitive waterskiing, working out

Brett LaFleur
Brett LaFleur, M.D.

Undergraduate: Oregon State University 
Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University
Orthopaedic Interests: Pediatric orthopaedics 
Other Interests: Family

Jason Vourazeris
Jason Vourazeris, M.D.

Undergrad:  University of Southern California
Medical school:  University of Cincinnati
Orthopaedic Interests:  Shoulder/elbow, sports  
Personal interests:  College football, soccer, golfing, Dayton Big Brother/Big Sister program

R-4 Residents
Elizabeth Delaney-Cripe
Liz Dulaney-Cripe, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Cincinnati
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Orthopaedic Interests: General orthopaedics, hip fracture outcomes, PRP, stem cell augmentation of rotator cuff repair
Other Interests: Soccer

John Dundon
John Dundon, M.D.

Undergraduate: Ohio State University
Medical school: Wright State University
Orthopaedic Interests: Adult reconstruction
Other Interests: Family


Peter Knoll
Peter Knoll, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Medical school: Case Western Reserve University
Orthopaedic interests:  Adult reconstruction
Interests: Golf, cooking, travel

David Nelles
David Nelles, M.D.

Undergraduate: Truman State University
Medical School: Saint Louis University
Orthopaedic Interests: Spine surgery
Other Interests: Triathlons, soccer, sand volleyball

R3 Residents
Matthew Cavo
Matthew Cavo, M.D.

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Ohio State University
Orthopedic interests: Hand, upper extremity, association between diabetes, obesity, and short term outcomes among patients surgically treated for ankle fractures

Jacob Deister
Jacob Deister, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Cincinnati
Medical School: Wright State University
Orthopaedic Interests: Trauma, adult reconstruction
Other Interests: Snow skiing, hiking, fly fishing, college basketball, dates with my wife, wrestle mania with my six children, and the never ending maintenance of my 15-passenger van.

G. Ryan Rieser
Ryan Rieser, M.D.

Undergraduate: North Carolina State University
Medical school: Wake Forest University
Orthopaedic Interests: Adult reconstruction, hip preservation
Other Interests: Hanging out with my pets and my wife

R2 Residents
Joe Cox
Joe Cox, M.D.

Undergraduate: Birmingham-Southern College
Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Orthopaedic Interests: Sports, trauma, spine, joints, shoulder/elbow, general orthopaedics
Other Interests: Guitar, exercising, hunting

Jed May
Jed May, M.D.

Undergraduate: Texas Tech University
Medical School: Texas Tech University
Orthopaedic Interests: Sports, adult reconstruction, clinical research
Personal Interests: Snow skiing, scuba diving, fly fishing, hunting, gardening, playing the guitar, recording music, saltwater aquariums. 


Annie Stitgen, M.D.
Annie Stitgen, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin
Medical School: University of Wisconsin for med school
Orthopaedic Interests: General Orthopaedics
Other Interests: Skiing

Chris \ Wild, M.D.
Chris Wild, M.D.

Undergraduate: Oklahoma State University
Medical School: University of Oklahoma
Orthopaedic Interests: General orthopaedics
Other Interests: Oklahoma State football and basketball, OKC Thunder, playing any sport, shooting, hunting, working out, reading

R1 Residents
Zach  DiPaolo
Zach DiPaolo, M.D.

Undergraduate: Calvin College
Medical School: Wright State University 
Orthopaedic Interests: Sports
Other Interests: Trail running, working out, craft beer, fantasy football, video games, reading


Jess Lee
Jess Lee, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Indiana University
Orthopaedic Interests: Undecided
Other Interests: Rock climbing, ultimate Frisbee, running, reading

Dan Luckenbill, M.D.
Dan Luckenbill, M.D.

Undergraduate: Wright State University
Medical School: Wright State University
Orthopaedic Interests: Joints, sports, general orthopaedics
Other Interests: Woodworking, snow skiing, scuba diving, sailing, traveling, hiking

Rufus Van Dyke, M.D.
Rufus Van Dyke, M.D.

Undergraduate: Westminster College
Medical school: University of Washington
Orthopaedic Interests: Undecided
Other interests: Soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding, reading, running, beer