National Center for Medical Readiness

Rufus Smith, M.S.A., Director

NCMR Staff

Contact us: (937) 775-7625

Rufus Smith, M.S.A.

Jim Gruenberg, M.A., EMT-P
Deputy Director

Douglas Hodge
NCMR Operations Officer

Mark K. Brooks, J.D.
Senior Advisor for Government Affairs

Michael D. Schuyler
Chief of Curriculum and Training Development

David Morehouse, Ph.D.
Chief of Test and Evaluation

Guy Newland, M.D.
Medical Director

Steven Colby
Chief of Training Delivery Systems

Jack Smith
Program Manager

William M. Harchick, EMT-B
Associate Director, Operations

Daniel R. Kirkpatrick, M.S.N, R.N.
Clinical Instructor, College of Nursing and Health

Bud McCormick, B.S.N.
Facilities and Operations Manager

Ellen Purvis
Administrative Support Coordinator