National Center for Medical Readiness

Rufus Smith, M.S.A., Director

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Research & Development

At its Tactical Laboratory site, Calamityville®, NCMR offers a collaborative laboratory for researchers dedicated to investigating questions and issues surrounding medical readiness, while formulating and validating important solutions and discoveries in answering those difficult questions. The Calamityville®site features provide realistic disaster environments, consistent opportunity to observe and measure the activities of actual response personnel conducting actual patient care, and other response activities in controlled, yet realistic, settings.

Woman at computer consoleNCMR can leverage Wright State's research and development community partnerships with the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)—specifically the 711th Human Performance Wing (HPW) and the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAF/SAM).

The center can provide access to technologies that directly support medical response, search/extraction, and security.

NCMR can also leverage its current relationship with the 711th HPW to assist the military in exploring training in the virtual environment, as well as developing mechanisms to enhance the reality of training, such as the inclusion of smells, sounds, and other distractions.

YouTube Video: Sensors integration at Calamityville

The purpose of this video is to visually demonstrate the efficacy of the Calamityville site for sensors data integration in the setting of a military support for civilian authorities' scenario. The scenario surround a small plane crash into a chemical plant.