Family Medicine Residency Program

Teresa W. Zryd, M.D., M.S.P.H., Director

Residency Life

Dr. Anderson

…  at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.

Dr. McElrath

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014

Drs. Krebs and Dailey

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.

Dr. Patel

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.

Drs. Amato, Ebetino and Farrag

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.

Drs. Bates, Block and his spouse

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.

Cynthia, Dr. Herbert, Dr. Bates and her son

… at Welcome Picnic, June 2014.


Drs. Anantharaman, Enaker, Farrag, Krebs, Patel, Qureshi (husband and daughter), Santos and medical students Tracy Fong and Matthew O'Neil

… taking time away from work to attend Dayton’s Greek Festival.

Drs. Farrag, Enaker and Anantharaman 

… attending Dayton’s Greek Festival.

Dr. Wittberg and her family hiking in Utah.

Dr. Kathleen Wittberg (faculty):

"This is a pic of me and my family hiking at Arches National Park in Utah. I love travelling the U.S., especially by train. I also enjoy photographing nature, especially flowers."

Dr. Righter SCUBA diving in Hawaii

Dr. Elisabeth Righter (faculty):

"I love to SCUBA dive. This photo was taken in Kona, Hawaii, with my favorite animal."

Dr. Anderson with her pet cat

Dr. Tynese Anderson (R3):

"I love spending time with my pet cat, Bruce Bruce, along with going to my local church."

Dr. Welch flying

Dr. Adam Welch (R3):

"Flying has been a passion of mine since I was 9 years old. This past summer, I took my sister on a pretty cool flight from the shores of her home in Connecticut over the Montauk to Block Island for lunch. It was a day I'll never forget."

Residents volunteering Habitat for Humanity

Some of our residents and staff:

…  taking time away from work to build houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Dr. Anne Proulx (faculty):

"One of the extracurricular things I enjoy is the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. For more information, please visit:"