Faculty & Clinical Affairs

Alan P. Marco, M.D., M.M.M., Associate Dean
Albert F. Painter Jr., Psy.D., Assistant Dean

Wright State University
Boonshoft School of Medicine

Procedure number: 610

Approved: December 2007

Subject: Departmental Chair Administrative Review

A review will be conducted in the fifth year and in every fifth year thereafter of a departmental chair.

The Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs notifies the Dean's office of chairs who are scheduled for administrative review and also provides a list of senior faculty members of the respective departments.

The Review Committee
The Dean shall have primary responsibility for selecting a review committee. The review committee shall consist of two representatives of the chair, the department, and the Dean of Medicine.

The Dean's office initiates the review process with the following actions:

  1. Sends memo to the departmental chair with the job description for departmental chairs. The memo outlines the review process and asks the chair for the names of two individuals whom the chair wants to serve on the review committee.

  2. Sends memo to a senior faculty member requesting the names of two faculty members to serve on the committee. This memo will contain the names of the individuals selected by the chair. The senior faculty member should consult with the department faculty to select the committee members.

After the senior faculty member replies, the Dean selects two members for the committee. The Dean also selects the chair from those chosen to serve on the committee.

The Dean's office sets the date for the first meeting and sends a memo to all committee members. The Dean attends the first meeting to give the charge to the committee and establish a timeline for the review. Normally, the committee report should be delivered to the Dean within four months of the first meeting of the committee.

Information Provided to the Committee
The committee should have access to relevant documents including the chair's CV, position description, examples of previous survey instruments and the review procedure.

Charge to the Committee
The committee is charged with overseeing a faculty review of the administrative performance of the chair. The committee must establish evaluative criteria and a survey instrument germane to the department and its constituency. The Dean must approve the survey instrument. The committee will distribute the survey instrument to the appropriate constituency (faculty, students, and staff and community partners).

Guidelines for the Review
The following areas are suggested as a useful guide in considering the administrative effectiveness of a chair:

  1. Leadership
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Communications
  4. Responding to Work Demands
  5. Budgeting and Use of Resources

The Report
The committee shall prepare a summary of the completed survey instruments and submit its report to the Dean along with all data (evaluations, notes, etc.) used to prepare the report. The Dean shall provide a copy of the report to the chair under review and convene a meeting with the chair under review to discuss the report, and shall give the chair an opportunity to respond in writing to the report. Should the chair choose to respond, that response will be attached as a permanent appendix to the committee's report.

The Dean shall make the committee's report available to the faculty of the Chair's department.

A copy of the report will be sent to the Provost. The Dean's office will notify the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs when the review is complete and the date will be entered in the faculty database.

After the committee report and Dean's summative report are prepared, all data (evaluations, notes, etc.) used to prepare these reports will be destroyed.

Updated February 4, 2008(sho)

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