Faculty & Clinical Affairs

Alan P. Marco, M.D., M.M.M., Associate Dean
Albert F. Painter Jr., Psy.D., Assistant Dean

Wright State University
Boonshoft School of Medicine

Procedure number: 212

Revised: June 2008

Subject: Appointment-New Faculty, Partially Affiliated

1. The prospective voluntary faculty member should provide a typed curriculum vitae (model form long version, or CV short version). The chair should inform prospective faculty members of the service expected of voluntary faculty in the department.


a. Basic science department: The modifier "adjunct" is usually used, but "clinical" may be used for a clinician.
b. Clinical science department: The modifier "clinical" is used for clinicians and "adjunct" for non-clinician faculty.

2. The department's faculty actions committee recommends the proposed faculty member for appointment.

3. The chair sends a memo of request for appointment and the curriculum vitae to the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs. The request for voluntary appointment should include:

a. proposed rank,
b. term of the initial appointment (three years unless otherwise specified),
c. indication of support from the department's faculty action committee,
d. a brief statement defining the academic activities expected of the appointee,
e. in the case of Air Force personnel, a letter of concurrence from the commander of Wright-Patterson Medical Center, and
f. if a joint appointment, a letter of support from the chair of the secondary department justifying the request.

After review, all requests go to the School Executive Committee for confirmation.

4. After approval, the Office of Faculty and Clinical Affairs will notify the appointee.

Updated June 4, 2008(sho)

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