Continuing Medical Education

Albert F. Painter Jr., Psy.D., Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs


Turning Point

The CME program owns a license for the audience response system called Turning Point with 40 radio frequency devices. Audience members can use the held RF devices to interact with the speaker on enabled PowerPoint slide or use TurningPoint Anywhere. The free Turning Point software must be downloaded to the creation and presentation computer(s). Call the CME Program to arrange for use.

Online Registration

WSU has contracted with an outside vendor to provide secure registration and credit card payments. The vendor has integrated with the university financial system known as Banner. Contact Kevin Dunajski (937-765-1739) to develop the online registration at least three months prior to activation. The CME program has developed a form (requires Microsoft Word version 2007 or higher) to gather information needed to create the online registration. Process: a test store will built, appropriate departmental staff will review content, then appropriate CaTs personnel with review infrasctructure, finally the store will be rebuilt on the server and will be active.

Flash Drives

The CME program has 2 GB twist-style flash drives with the Boonshoft School of Medicine Logo screen printed for $10 each. We would be happy to arrange for more to be printed or help you order for your activity.  Memory Suppliers has the high-rez logo. Danny (855-747-3361 ext 300) at Green Thumb Drives has guarenteed to match any price. GTD also can create an electronic flipbook and will load each flash drive with your meeting materials. The CME program suggests screen printing the logo instead of direct print.


The CME program has collected information on various Dayton area venues that are experienced in working with the CME coordinators.  Contact names, phone numbers, websites and capacity are listed.

ACCME Providers

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Education updates its list of accredited providers.  If the WSU program cannot help you, please try another accredited provider.

Common Resource Websites

A list of common medical education websites including Association of Hospital Medical Education, American Academy of Family Practice, and Association for American Medical Colleges.