Integrated Residency in Emergency Medicine

Edward Fieg, D.O., Director

Jon Singer, M.D.


Jonathan I. Singer, M.D.

Professor Emeritus


Fellowship: Ambulatory Fellowship Cincinnati Children's Hospital: 1975-76
Residency: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center: 1972-75
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine: 1968-72

Current Interests

Foster publication of resident and faculty scholarly works.


I've presented at Scientific Assemblies and other CME events sponsored by state chapters of ACEP. I have particularly enjoyed invited presentations at alumni member's Departments of Emergency Medicine.

Peer-reviewed Publications Since 2007

Red text indicates authors who are residents

Williams M, Singer J: Imported Infections. Emergency Med Reports, 28 (7) 69-79, 2007.

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Singer J: Altered Mental Status in Children. Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, edited by Tintinnali, et al. Anticipated publication 2010.

Poetry since 2007

"Diagnostic Crayoning While Waiting Our ED"s Healing Art", Academic Emergency Medicine, 13:1354, 2006.

"At the Discharge Counter", Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:73, 2007.

"Why Should Such a Gripping Salute be Relegated to Sports?" Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:448, 2007.

"Predicting Certainty in Spite of Evidence to the Contrary", Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:162, 2007.

"Please Excuse Jonny, He Has Prostate Cancer", Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:912-913, 2007.

"Abdominal Pain EU (Educated Uptight)", Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:799, 2007.

"Collective Inefficiencies of Cubicles and Curtains", Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:615, 2007.

"Can I Ever Be Forgiven?" Academic Emergency Medicine, 14:1198-1199, 2007.

"The Jewelry of Instruction", Academic Emergency Medicine, 15:135, 2008.

"At the Time of My Need, Father Returns the Favor", Academic Emergency Medicine, 15:31, 2008.

"Continuous or Interrupted Repair", Academic Emergency Medicine, 15:413, 2008.

"Double Left Click, Right Click, Drag", Academic Emergency Medicine, 2008.

"Thoughts on My Visit to Salvatore Vicarrio", Academic Emergency Medicine, 15:648, 2008.

"Longevity Has Its Place and I"m Concerned about That Now", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:49, 2009.

"Many Have Sought the Future at Delphi", Academic Emergency Medicine 16:82, 2009.

"We Welcome Our Sons and Daughters", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:476, 2009.

"The Match", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:689, 2009.

"While Getting to the Other Side", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:710, 2009.

"SIRS is Not a Playful Act", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:813, 2009.

"DPCT Adding to the Cardiac Predictive Terminology", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:1036, 2009.

"Painting a Rosy Picture", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:1389, 2009.

"Justifiable Piracy in Our Academic Waters", Academic Emergency Medicine, 16:1390, 2009.

"Can We Prosper in a Barren Landscape?" Academic Emergency Medicine, 17:347, 2010.

"Was the Forensic Oratory of a Global Event Truthful Sorrow?" Academic Emergency Medicine, 17:467, 2010

"Now in the Womb of Mother Earth", Academic Emergency Medicine, anticipated publication, 2010.

"Anagram for Neurologic Exam", Academic Emergency Medicine, anticipated publication, 2010.

"Homonyms for a Whale"s Tail", Academic Emergency Medicine, anticipated publication, 2010.

"Bridge over the River Cry", Academic Emergency Medicine, anticipated publication, 2010.

"A Tribute to Permanent Night People", Academic Emergency Medicine, anticipated publication, 2010.

"My Manifesto Following Yesterday"s Recert Exam" Submitted Academic Emergency Medicine, 2010.

"Rejoice in All Our Creations", Submitted Academic Emergency Medicine, 2010.

Other Publications

My Sum, "The Doctor," an autobiography, Publish America, 2002, Baltimore, MD.

"Gettin' Up There," a Broadway musical with 14 songs, 2006.

Child's Books

"Alpha Bet: A Greek Tragedy," a children's book, 2008.

"Oh No! Quinn Ate a Nut!" Blurb 2009.

"Can Jack Play with this Critter?" anticipated 2010


"Illuminating Silhouettes", An Anthology of poems and photos;, 2010.


"Hero of Emergency Medicine" 11/20/08, one of 12 physicians from Ohio

WSU Teaching Excellence Award

1999 National Teaching Award; nominated by Ohio ACEP for Teacher of the Year

Alpha Omega Alpha, Faculty Election, 2001

Personal information

Husband of Ruth. Co-owner of cat, "Red." Father of three adult, married children (below): Liz, Pete and Matt. Grandfather to five, with two more due by winter 2010. Pictured grandchildren: Quinn, Sutton, Stowe and Jack. (photo taken by Stephanie Carson) Not pictured are Keegan and the two in utero.

Singer children