United States of America

Indian Health Services:

Various Indian Reservations in AZ, SD, MT, MN, AK, TN, NM, AK

IHS Student Opportunities:


Price range, and breakdown of costs:
  • Travel to and from the reservation (although some locations will reimburse the student up to $500).
  • Housing and meals are provided.
  • Fundraising options plus any template letters you used.
Vaccinations required:


Visa information:


Timeline of the program if there is one:

Accept third and fourth year students for one-month rotations, or year round commitments.

Pre-travel preparation recommended:

Research each facility to determine which is the best fit for the applicant.

Brief blurb about what students would be doing during their stay:

Depends on the site, but the focus is on primary care. It is recommended that the student bring transportation in order to enjoy the great outdoors and national parks in their free time.

Mandatory reading material:

A list of frequently asked questions about traveling to the designated country with answers: www.ihs.gov and search for faq.