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Josephine F. Wilson, D.D.S., Ph.D., Director

CAM Testimonials: Kevin's Story

Kevin's life looks a lot different now than it did 5 months ago when a judge ordered him to get drug and alcohol treatment and he was referred to CAM. Arrested for buying cocaine and with a lengthy history of alcohol and drug use in his past the future did not look very bright.

Although Kevin was able to complete high school he reports that he started drinking and using drugs in elementary school. He reports that graduating from high school he recalls, ?having a chill up my back. This made me feel odd and out of place so me and a friend had to celebrate at a party with lots of girls and booze. We stole 3 fifths of alcohol from a convenient store and partied until we passed out?. Despite having a family friend who died as a result of drinking and warned Kevin from his death bed not to go down that road Kevin's use continued with disastrous outcomes.

To support the expense of his drug and alcohol use Kevin worked two jobs. One day, ?my friend and I were on our way to our second job where we had worked together for three or four months. I don't know why but we decided to pass up our exit for work. The next thing I remember was being in the hospital in a halo with a broken neck with my jaws wired and a staff person telling me a severe car accident had almost taken my life.?

Following 3-4 months of rehabilitation Kevin was finally physically able to go to his trial for the accident. The accident resulted in the death of three people and Kevin was found guilty of three counts of Reckless Homicide. A prison term followed. Two days after his release from prison Kevin found himself at a bar drinking.

Later, Kevin found himself married and was able to witness the birth of his son. His continuing alcohol and crack cocaine use eventually led to his marriage falling apart. On the night his wife left he felt that she was better off with someone else than sticking with him.

His attempt to buy crack the night his wife left led to another arrest. In court the judge recommended drug and alcohol treatment for Kevin and he was referred to CAM. Kevin attended the AWARE groups and received Individual Counseling. He also became active in Alcoholics Anonymous. With 5 months of sobriety under his belt Kevin writes, ?Being sober and going through AWARE I and AWARE II I have learned I have so much more to live for. Thank you so much CAM?.

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