Division of Aerospace Medicine

Dean M. Olson, M.D., M.S., M.S., Director

Rotation Opportunities for Medical Students and Residents

A four-week rotation for medical students and residents who have an interest in aerospace medicine is available during the months of April and October each year. The rotation consists of both formal and informal didactic sessions, as well as site visits to various aerospace venues and clinical exposure in the Division of Aerospace Medicine’s Flight Medicine Clinic. In conjunction with the didactic sessions each medical student or resident is required to provide two presentations focusing on contemporary aerospace medicine topics that relate to their educational experience. During their time in the Flight Medicine Clinic each resident or medical student also has the opportunity to receive a complimentary FAA First, Second or Third Class medical exam if desired, as well as flight instruction on the division’s FAA-approved Flight Simulator.

U.S. citizenship and current passport are required. Canadian medical students and residents who are considering applying to the Master of Science in Aerospace Medicine program will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on availability of rotation slots. A current passport is required.

Interested medical students and residents are required to complete the online application and submit it along with a current CV to Donna Klink, R.N., at donna.klink@wright.edu. Please note: Formal Letters of Agreement (LOAs) between your medical school or residency program and the Wright State University Division of Aerospace Medicine will not be signed and are not required to attend this rotation.