The Future of Medical Education Begins Here

As a medical student, you will gain vast knowledge and develop specialized skills to prepare you for success as a confident, competent and compassionate physician. How that process occurs in just four intense years, however, varies greatly from school to school. At Wright State, we are proud to be a nationally recognized pioneer in our commitment to provide you with the best medical education available anywhere.

Since its establishment in 1973, the Boonshoft School of Medicine has employed an innovative community-based model, which includes affiliations with seven major teaching hospitals to prepare you exceptionally well for the dynamic world of modern medicine. Our reputation has steadily grown due to our award-winning faculty, pioneering dual-degree programs, integrated team-based learning and graduates who consistently excel in top residency and fellowship programs.

At Wright State, you can anticipate a thorough education incorporating:

  • Integration of the basic and clinical sciences
  • Early opportunities to learn in a variety of clinical settings
  • Personal attention from faculty in an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie
  • Opportunities for a wide range of research activities
  • Frequent community outreach and service opportunities

The first year of medical school at Wright State sets the foundation for understanding the basic medical sciences and for developing yourself as a professional. We value both of these as the principle goals for the first year. During the first two weeks, you will start the Patient, Physician & Society and Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) courses. ICM continues every Friday for the rest of the first and second years. From the third through the eleventh week, you will be immersed in the study of the human body in Human Structure. The first term ends with Molecular Basis of Medicine and a continuation of Patient, Physian & Society a half day each week.

After the new year, you will start Cells, Tissues and Organ Systems. The year ends with nine weeks of Principles of Disease and a two-week or longer elective that you will choose based on your interests and ambitions.

At times during the year, say in mid-winter, you may feel like the year will never end! But, by the end of the first year, all students are amazed at how much they have learned and how fast the year went by. Several of our student bloggers have shared their experiences of the first year. See: Insights.

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Eight Great Reasons for Choosing Wright State

Whether you’re ready to apply to medical school or just beginning to explore your options, we’re excited that you’ve found the Boonshoft School of Medicine. This page will lead you quickly to the information and answers you need while giving you a sense of what makes our school — from our exceptional students and faculty to our innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities — special.

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