Master Modern Medicine

Through Innovative, Varied Learning Experiences

At Wright State, you will learn from-and often work alongside-physicians, scientists, and educators at the top of their fields, both in classrooms and laboratories on campus and in clinical settings throughout the region. In addition to traditional lectures and lab experiences, you can expect a wide variety of innovative learning opportunities developed to make you a better physician.

  • Block scheduling: Instead of taking a variety of classes concurrently, you will be able to focus on one major course at a time. Studying each subject in great depth for several weeks allows you to focus completely, develop real mastery, and more easily integrate your knowledge and apply it clinically.
  • Team-based learning (TBL): Wright State pioneered the use of TBL in medical education and incorporates it throughout the first two years. Just as in real-world medicine, you will work closely with a small group to master material, apply your knowledge to clinical cases, and defend your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Introduction to clinical medicine (ICM): Rather than bury your head in the books for two years, you'll get hands-on experience working with patients from the very first week, making it easier to remember why all the hard work is worthwhile-and building your confidence for clinical rotations in year three.
  • Dual-degree programs: Wright State is forging the next generation of physician leaders through integrated, five-year dual-degree programs leading to the M.P.H. or M.B.A. as well as the M.D. A seven-year M.D./Ph.D. program is also available for students with a strong interest in cutting-edge biomedical research.

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Eight Great Reasons for Choosing Wright State

Whether you’re ready to apply to medical school or just beginning to explore your options, we’re excited that you’ve found the Boonshoft School of Medicine. This page will lead you quickly to the information and answers you need while giving you a sense of what makes our school — from our exceptional students and faculty to our innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities — special.

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