Our mission is to provide our faculty with a broad range of information to develop and enhance their teaching skills.

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In order to teach well, one must be competent in both course design and teacher-student interactions. During the last two decades, research on college teaching and learning have led to some new ideas about course design, which include active learning, significant learning, and educative assessment.  We hope that these resources are helpful in designing better teaching and learning experiences.


Medical Education Journal Club

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The Medical Education Journal Club meets monthly to learn and discuss recently published articles relating to medical education.

Scholarship of Teaching and Research in Medical Education (STReME) series is designed to encourage and promote scholarly activity related to teaching and research in medical education.

Faculty Development Day is an annual event designed for faculty to learn and engage in a learning activity with a nationally-recognized speaker.

Looking for Teaching Innovations?
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Find and share teaching innovations! They are instructional strategies, tools and technology that our faculty have used to improve teaching and learning, including:

  • Promoting interactivity in the classroom with the Audience Response System (ARS)
  • Presenting visual data like a pro by using Edward Tufte tips
  • Improving quality of peer feedback by grading comments
  • Treating virtual patients with Megamix online clinical review cases
  • Increasing student questions with Muddy Waters online Q&A.
Would you like to see who the recipients of our annual Faculty Awards are?

The Faculty Awards page lists the awards granted annually to our faculty, sorted by year or category.Dr. Marjorie Bowman presented the Voluntary Faculty Awards during the Annual Faculty Development Day 2012

The categories are:

  • Excellence in Medical Education Award

  • Faculty Development Award

  • Faculty Mentor Award

  • Voluntary Faculty Award

  • Teaching Excellence Award

Would you like to fully engage your students in learning your material?

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Team-Based Learning™ may be just what
you've been looking for!

TBL is an educational strategy that:

  • Enhances problem-solving skills

  • Replaces or reduces lecture time

  • Ensures that students are prepared and on time to class

  • Creates a remarkable amount of energy in the classroom

  • Promotes teamwork

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Browse the Resources pages to find helpful links to:Fordham Library image

  • full and free access to online journals,

  • medical education related organizations,

  • on-campus services,

  • free images,

  • and more!


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Nicole Borges, Ph.D.Contact Nicole Borges, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Medical Education Research and Evaluation. You will be able to brainstorm ideas on how to transform your current teaching projects into scholarly work. E-mail or call (937) 775-3196 to schedule an appointment.

Questions and Suggestions

You can email your questions and suggestions to BSOM_FacDev@wright.edu or call (937) 775-2675.