Academic Affairs

Dean X. Parmelee, M.D., Associate Dean

Nicole J. Borges, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Medical Education Research and Evaluation
Professor, Department of Community Health

290P White Hall, Office of Academic Affairs
Boonshoft School of Medicine
Wright State University
3640 Col. Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, Ohio 45435

Phone: (937) 775-3196


Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Indiana State University, 1998
M.A., Agency Counseling, Indiana State University, 1993
B.A., Psychology, Boston University, 1988

Fellow in Clinical Health Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 1998-1999
Intern in Clinical Psychology, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Danville, Illinois, 1997-1998

Areas of Interest

Dr. Borges has worked in medical education since 1996 and is an active medical education researcher. Her research interests include personality and medical specialty choice, physician career development, and noncognitive factors contributing to student success. She reviews for over 15 journals and is the author/co-author of more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles covering medical education, medical specialty choice, and career development. She currently serves as past president for the Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education (SDRME) and Member-At-Large for AAMC Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA). ). In 2013, she was appointed to the AAMC Careers in Medicine Advisory Board. In recognition of her work with faculty at the Boonshoft School of Medicine, she received the Faculty Mentor Award in 2009. Dr. Borges is the 2009 recipient of the Joan F. Giambalvo Memorial Scholarship Award sponsored by the American Medical Association Foundation and the American Medical Association Women Physicians Congress.

Dr. Borges is trained as a health psychologist and is licensed in Ohio and Virginia. She is past chair for the Health Psychology Section of Division 17, American Psychological Association.

Recent Publications

Goodin, J.B., Duffy, R.D., Borges, N.J.,Ulman, C.A., Manuel, R.S., D'Brot, V.M.. (in press).  Medical Students with Low Self-efficacy Bolstered by Calling to Medical Specialty. Perspectives on Medical Education.

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Book Chapters

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